Custom Dining Experience in Your Home

We believe in sourcing and supporting local farmers and businesses in our personal life. We bring this philosophy to our business as well and are excited to share this amazing, local food with you.

We will work with you to design the perfect meal, whether its a formal sit down dinner, casual buffet or just appetizers. The menu will be crafted based on what is available on the farm- in season, local and organic. Does it get any better? It sure does. Our farmer is also an experienced chef and restauranteur and your guests are guaranteed an amazing meal. We can also provide custom addons such as our own farm grown flowers, linens, music or even something more creative like a tarot card reader or other entertainment. The possibilities are endless and our attention to detail will make the event magical.

Sample Seasonal Menu


Cardamom Roasted Carrot

bacon jam, arugula pesto

  • Carrots, arugula, basil, parsley, spring onions, black walnuts will be grown on the farm.

  • Bacon & cheese (used in pesto) will be sourced from Misty Meadow Farm located in Petersburg, NJ.

  • Vinegar used in the jam will be homemade using wine from Hawk Haven Winery located in Rio Grande, NJ.

  • Honey will be sourced from Mudhaven Homestead in Erma, NJ.

Grilled Halloumi Cheese

preserved + fresh mulberry, pea tendril, spring onion, fermented chile + honey, buttered breadcrumb

  • Mulberries, pea tendril, spring onion, chiles, garlic will be grown on the farm.

  • Halloumi - Misty Meadow Farm

  • Honey - Mudhaven Homestead

  • Bread crumbs will be made from homemade sourdough bread.

Seared Scallops

heirloom carrot + golden beet slaw, arugula, sunflower seed, black garlic + sheep’s milk yogurt

  • Carrots, golden beet, spring onion, garlic, arugula will be grown on the farm.

  • Black garlic will be made in house.

  • Scallops will be sourced from Dock Street Seafood located in Wildwood, NJ.

  • Sheep’s milk yogurt – Misty Meadow Farm

Braised Lamb Shoulder

grilled asparagus, snap pea + radish salad, spicy peanut, mint + cilantro

  • Sugar snap pea, radish, spring onion, garlic, little gem, arugula, pea tendril, mint, cilantro, chiles, carrots will be grown on the farm.

  • Asparagus will be from Al’s Produce & Farm located in Vineland, NJ.

  • Vinegar – made in house

  • Wine – Hawk Haven Winery located in Rio Grande, NJ.

Toasted Pound Cake

roasted strawberry, mascarpone whipped cream, pistachio

  • Strawberries will be grown on the farm.

  • Honey – Mudhaven Homestead 


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