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What We Believe

We take the relationship between farming and the environment seriously. When the earth and environment suffer, farmers suffer. Often times farming practices play a major role in the environmental issues that farmers have to contend with. Soil degradation, loss of wildlife habitat, water contamination, pollution and carbon emissions are all problems that are made worse by specific farming practices.

While we are a small farm, we believe that even the smallest changes matter. This includes how we tend our land, grow your food and how we ourselves eat and live. While we are certified organic, we think beyond organic certification. We also use no-till practices which means we disturb the soil as little as possible- preserving the soil microorganisms, fungi and bacteria which are critical to soil health. This isn't some new fad farmer method, it has been used in historical agriculture for over 10,000 years. Drip irrigation and high tunnels reduce our water usage and cover crops build soil health so we don't need to use synthetic fertilizers.

Is this a harder way to farm? Sometimes.

Does it bring amazing, healthy organic food to your table? Yes.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Meet the Farmers

The farm was purchased in 2013 but it has been tended organically since 2005. Andrew and his wife Jenn want to share their love of organic food and sustainable, mindful living with their customers. While they have journeyed on different paths to get where they are- Andrew as a restauranteur and chef and Jenn as a produce safety educator at Rutgers University- both have always understood the importance of eating local food and supporting local businesses. Their business model is to not only promote their own business but to support other small businesses in their community. Growing a circle of likeminded individuals, giving back to the community and growing really delicious produce, all while honoring the earth, is always at the forefront of all they do.

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Supper Club

Andrew + Jenn

Paula, the family matriarch (RIP Mammers!), and Andrew, farmer + chef

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