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We bring the farm right to your table. Not just a catered meal but a wonderful dining experience.  We believe in sourcing and supporting local farmers and businesses in our personal life and bring this philosophy to our business as well and are excited to share this amazing, local food with you.

We will work with you to cater the perfect meal, whether it's a family style meal, formal dining experience or our specialty-a feasting table. The menu will be crafted based on what is available on the farm-in season, local and organic. Does it get any better? It sure does. Our farmer is also an experienced chef and restauranteur, and your guests are guaranteed an amazing meal. We can also provide custom add-ons such as our own farm grown flowers. The possibilities are endless and our attention to detail will make the event magical. So whether it's a personal chef experience at home for your friends or birthday party we will make sure it's one to remember.


Curated Dining Experience

Options For Private Chef Events:
Family Style
Cocktail Hour​
Formal Sit Down
​Feasting Tables
Charcuterie Trays for Pick Up
Completely Customized

What is a feasting table?

So glad you asked! If you really want to take your gathering to the next level offer your guests a decadant upgrade to the traditional buffet. More than just charcuterie- a feasting table features meats and cheeses but also artisan breads and crackers, fresh organic farm-grown fruit and vegetables, dips and snacks like olives and nuts. We also offer small bites- warm, tapas style nibbles to really elevate your gathering. Not only is it visually stunning but it allows guests to eat at their own pace and mingle while they do it.

Love it, give me more details!

Ok so the nitty gritty. We will have your feasting table set up for the start of your event and for a two hour window the table will be refilled and a custom selection of small bites (think swordfish skewers or smoked chicken on homemade flatbread) will be brought out. After two hours, we begin to cleanup and while no more hot food comes out, the table is refreshed with all biodegrable palm leaf platters so the food is set up for the remainder of your party even after we leave!

What's included?: Food (of course), palm leaf platters and plates, table runner, wooden utensils and eco-friendly napkins. This makes for easy cleanup for you at the end of your gathering.

What do you provide? The table or tables and the space. We also will need access to your kitchen including your stove and refrigerator. Don't worry, we leave your kitchen clean!

What else can we provide? Beautiful farm grown organic flower bouquets (in season) and we also have a wooden table top that we can set up if you don't have enough tablespace.

Feasting tables (which include a custom menu of small bites) start at $100 per person including gratuity.

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