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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support local farms in the off-season. In a nutshell -you buy a CSA share in the fall for produce you will get the following season. This money helps farms buy seeds and supplies during a time when there is no production on the farm. In return CSA members get one box a week of produce for 10 or 20 weeks and other perks like getting the first goodies of the season and discounts on farm events. The cost of the CSA ends up being less than what you would pay to purchase the produce each week. It's a win win! So.. if you’re leaning towards a yes for a CSA we encourage you to say go for it! You will not regret it.

CSA Member Perks:

Pasture Raised Meats: Not only do you get more than your investment back in produce we are also offering CSA customers beef, poultry, and pork from two local farms in 2024. Both farms use sustainable practices, raising incredible meat on beautiful pasture. The young farmers who own these farms are brothers and understand the importance of sustainable, humane methods of raising livestock. We are excited to be supporting these farms and offering the opportunity to our CSA members to never have to purchase factory farmed meat again. Some of the offerings we will have available for you to purchase in our market are steaks, porkchops, whole chicken, bacon, chicken thighs, chicken breast, sausages, eggs and more! You will not have to preorder; you can just grab what you want when you pick up your box for the week.

Local Scallops: We are partnering with Scallop Shack Farms to offer them to our CSA members. You won’t have to preorder you can just grab a bag while you are getting your box.

Happy Valley Berry Farm: We are so excited to be partnering with Wes and Shirley Kline of Happy Valley Berry Farm in Millville who grow, among other things, the absolute best strawberries you have ever eaten in your life! They are a no-spray farm that use organic methods to grow wonderful berries. They are also some of the best people we know. These berries will be making their way into your boxes and also will be available as add-ons and in our Saturday market.

Recipes: One of the perks of a farmer who was also a chef and restaurant owner is that we will make sure you guys have preparation and cooking tips as well as recipes for the vegetables. We are working to create videos with prep and cooking tips for you that only CSA members will have access to.

Tickets: CSA members will have first shot at any events we have at the farm like our Fall Supper Club. We plan to offer these in the Spring and Fall and maybe even a Winter dinner. We have some workshops we are planning- including some cooking workshops Andrew will holding at the farm.

Check out our CSA Share Listing for more information.


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