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What's Happening ... in January?

It's a busy January at the farm and in the home office as we prepare for the growing season which will begin the first week in February. Brand new electric which will power the fans in the high tunnel and the new grow room for the little ones (seedlings) is just about complete. All new underground irrigation lines are in and ready to just two weeks lettuce will be planted in the high tunnel and tons of seeds will be started.

Back home I'm working on planting and seed schedules, planning for the farmer's market, completing organic certification paperwork and getting all the goodies up on the website.

In a few short months we will have delicious, fresh produce available to share with you and your families including these rainbow carrots filled with vitamin c and antioxidants. Yellow carrots contain xanthophykks a plant based nutrient that has numerous health benefits. Food is medicine and we need that now more than ever.

Now it's time to get a fire crackling, grab a book and a pot of tea..

Oh did I mention Ben helped out with the irrigation?



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